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About Mike Irving

The Photo BodySnatcha!

I am a photographer based in the Bronx, New York.

My passion is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm in people. The power in Architecture that reflects the hustle, the avarice, the cupidity of a commercial world. I focus on non-models and love working with regular people in exaggerated situations that bring out the best of who they are. I look for sense of grace, whimsical and fortitude in my work.

I studied photography at Lehman College and graduated Business at Queens College. I have been quoted the “BodySnatcha” of People, Land and Life with my camera!

My approach: A photo-shoot shouldn’t feel like a photo-shoot!. Lets talk! Feel it out, plan it out, get comfortable while we go over all needs, any fears, what your expectations are, and set the mental mood I am great at taking people out of their comfort zone. Working in retail management for 17 years, yes i can say, I know people! I can find personality, detect behavior, zoom in on a great look… and Snatch it!!

Thanks for stopping by. Don,t forget to check out my large array of services and feel free to leave me a comment or feedback!